Is Your Baby’s Car Seat Hurting You?

Dr. Aviva Stein M.D., voted on of Charlotte’s best Ob/Gyns, is also a mom who used and loved her arm cushion, Padalily.  She writes, “The Padalily® arm cushion may eliminate the risk of lower arm bruising and/or swelling by decreasing the pressure produced while holding an infant carrier.”  After her first pregnancy, she tells us that she experienced lower arm pain, which led to DeQuervain’s tendonitis.  This was rather debilitating, especially as her profession requires fine motor use of her hands!  She writes, “I was so thankful to have found the Padalily®  arm pad here in Charlotte after I had my 2nd child. It reduced the pain I had experienced with my first. I also got back to work more quickly with less time out of the operating room.  It’s an absolute must for any adult on the go with a newborn or older infant.”  The Padalily® allowed Dr. Stein to get around town easier with a bulky infant carrier and a busy toddler at the same time.  The Padalily® is the perfect baby gift for new moms.  Not only does it prevent pain and tendonitis, but is adds comfort and style to an otherwise arduous task!padalilyslide3


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